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NHSBA is pleased to share that the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) has been replaced by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). This new law was signed into law today by the President.

The ESSA addresses key concerns for school boards: local governance and flexibility that support innovative programs and effectiveness for continued gains in student achievement among all students. The new law addresses policy priorities supported by local school boards and NHSBA by reaffirming the importance of local governance and protecting federal investments for Title I for disadvantaged students. It also prevents the diversion of public tax dollars for private use, and Maintenance of Effort (MOE) is still required. A state's fiscal effort per student, or aggregate expenditure, for free public education must be at least 90% of those from the preceding fiscal year.

The new law changes existing testing and accountability requirements. AYP is out and will be replaced by state-defined long-term goals that are "ambitious". The goals will continue to apply to all students and individual subgroups of students. States must demonstrate that their standards are aligned with entrance requirements to state post-secondary institutions and state career and technical education standards. Like NCLB, ESSA retains annual testing for grades 3 through 9 in reading and mathematics, and one in grades 9-12. Science testing will still be assessed at least once during grade spans 3-5, 6-9 and 10-12. ESSA encourages the development of richer, performance-based assessments through the use of multiple measures, and "may include" portfolios and projects.

Whether the federal government will contribute more funds under the new law remains to be seen. Under ESSA, Congress authorizes greater investments in education for fiscal years 2017-2020. However, "authorizations" do not guarantee the actual appropriated amount. House and Senate Appropriations Committees remain responsible for legislating investments in education and other programs.

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